Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happiness is.........

Happiness is.....many things really. One of them is going to Ferndale to "Peaceful Day" and quilting. As you can see it was a beautiful day. Even the cows in the field behind the building were enjoying themselves!

Lots of us finished things that we had started, like Pam B. Here is her beautiful quilt from Sally Frey's retreat in Benbow. Pam does beautiful quilts, but doesn't like her picture taken.

Liz Scott from Scottie Dog Quilting finished a quilt she made for her sister.
She said, "If I had know how much I would like it when it was finished, I would have kept it for myself!"

It's always great to be able to spend time with some of my favorite Brenda Lou from Scottie Dog Quilts, (Liz's Mom). She showed us how to make a braided rug that she found on Moda's Bake Shop.

I started the cute bear quilt for Kellen that I ordered from Connecting Threads. It's going to be super cute!

I also won a pattern using 36 charm squares. It was VERY tedious, but I managed to get this much finished. I just have to put the borders on. I will never make this pattern again, so I gave it to Pam.

Well, that's what I got to do yesterday. Friends and quilting. Life is good. the way...that sneaky Angie tried to get me to eat sugar by getting that cute little Cade of hers to give me a cookie! You have to watch that Angie like a Hawk!


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