Friday, August 21, 2009

Hot Off the Longarm......

We just got back from a great week in Nebraska. It was Kellen's first birthday on the 9th and we didn't want to miss it. It was so fun to be able to hold him and play with him. He's had a hard first year of his life, but he's as sweet and cheerful as any baby could be. Here is a collage of just some of the pictures we took. What a cutie!!!!!
Here is a picture of one of my newest designs. It's called "Wind Catcher Charms". I just finished quilting it on Angie's long-arm over at All Washed Up. Can't wait to get the binding done and the pattern written.

This design is called: "Table Scraps". It's made from scraps I've been saving for years and finally used them. I think with the economy being the way it is, more people will be using every bit of the fabric they buy. Kind of like quilting used to be in America when "Waste not, want not" was a common saying. I think it's good that we are getting back to that mindset instead of the disposable nation we have become.
Hope every one's summer was as good as mine!
Chirp, Chirp,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wonderful Quilts by Wonderful People....

Getting to go quilting with your friends is one of life's greatest joys for me.
Of course my family is my greatest joy, but quilting is certainly at the top of my list!
The last weekend in July at Pieceful Days some of my friends shared what they have been working on.....
Patty always makes such awesome quilts.
She never ceases to amaze me!

Pam showed the table runner she has almost finished.
Just the binding to go!

Cyndee showed some gorgeous quilts.

I love this one!

This one however was "Best in Show" for the weekend for me.This picture doesn't do it justice believe me. The colors are wonderful and the quilt was sooooo much work. It was a quilt that she started at the All Washed Up Retreat. This pattern doesn't cut corners!

Great job Cyndee!!!

This is Paula modeling her bags she made for Scottie Dog Quilt's Alaskan cruise. She bought the hat that day and is all ready to go! I'm sure the group will have a great time cruising and sewing! Someday maybe I can go to one of these fun cruises. I'm just afraid I'd be seasick all the time!!!

Well that's it for now in my quilting world.