Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nice time away

We just got back from a quick trip around Northern California. We had been wanting to go somewhere exciting for some time away, but that didn't end up working out. Instead we went to Sacramento to visit our daughter Erin and her new husband, Joel. Because we weren't there for the big event at the courthouse, we took them out to dinner to celebrate. Corin and her boyfriend, Christopher came as did Aunt Maria. We went to a very fancy Sushi place. I can tell what a "country bumpkin" I am because I'm not used to waiting to go out to dinner, much less the hour that we had to wait. I really don't like big cities. Too many people!!!
Anyway after our visit with them we drove through the beautiful Napa valley. It reminded me of Ireland.
Then we headed up the Hwy 1 on the coast to Fort Bragg. The coast was beautiful. It reminded me of some of the Maui Coastline. (Much colder mind you!) It suddenly occured to me that we have some of the most beautiful places on earth right here in our own backyard and why should we spend a bunch of money to fly somewhere to see the same things!! Duh!!!
Mad4Plaid is coming along nicely! I have the top finished and put on zippers so I can quilt it tomorrow on Angie's longarm rental over at All Washed Up. Won't be long......

Kellen is doing great. His Mom and Dad are the ones that are having to adjust to being home with all there is to do with a sweet baby that needs extra care. They are tired most of the time, but then what new parent isn't!!!
Well that's all from the very cold and rainy end of the state.
Chirp at you later,

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