Friday, February 27, 2009

Home alone...

My hubby has been gone for a few days and it's kind of lonely. At first I think of all the things I could do; clean the house, watch a "Chick flick", sew my brains out, to name a few, but it hasn't turned out that way. By the time I get home from work, tired and hungry, all I want to do is "veg" in front of the TV. I did make a trip to Eureka to get the rest of the fabric I need for Erin's wedding quilt and shop for FIBER!!!! My doctor said I needed more fiber in my diet. Why is it that all the things you look at that are supposed to be healthy, like wholegrain this and wholegrain that and they don't have any fiber! Why don't they just throw in a handful of bran into everything they make and up the fiber content! So I came away with some crackers that taste like cardboard. Yuck!
Wow! I must be going crazy home alone if I'm Blogging about fiber! Enough of that, already!
On to better things....
The other night the phone rang and when I answered it all I could hear was breathing on the other end. It took me a second, but I finally figured out that Kellen was calling me. "Hi Kellen, how are you?" "breath....breath...breath". Their is nothing better than getting that first call from your sweet little grand baby. He said that he had some new pictures that I would love and he was right!!! I love this picture of him after his bath with those great big eyes!
Tris and Nat have a new kitty. Tristan named him "Bowser". He's really cute and I'm sure he will have a wonderful home with them.

Went to guild last night. It was nice to see everyone and just visit. The owner of "The Fat Quail" in Laytonville was there to show us some of her favorite things from her shop. She also shared a great way to make "Cathedral Window" quilt blocks with no piecing. It took a while to figure it out, but once someone else showed me the trick, I was able to go around to some of the people and help them out. Debbie Bowles, the owner of The Fat Quail was helping people too, but it was slow going, so I helped too.
Well....that's all for now. Can't wait for my sweetie to come home and the weekend!!!
Chirp, Chirp!

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