Saturday, June 18, 2011

Catching up!

I'm sure anyone that has ever read my blog and checked back to see what was going on said, "WHAT THE HECK!!!" Why hasn't Robin posted to her blog since Nov of last year!
What can I say?! The word "Slacker" comes to mind.
Oh has a funny way of just marching on, blog or no blog!
I'm just going to post a few things that have been happening. Nothing exciting, but at least it's not the same old post from last year!

I bought a new car this month. Isn't it cute!

We lost at good friend in the quilting world this month. Lori Dinsmore fought a good fight against the cancer they discovered in January. She will be missed by all of us that knew her!

Since January, I've joined Weight Watcher's again. I've lost 40 pounds and have started riding my bike to work.

Kellen is almost three now and LOVES the movie, "Cars".

I sent him a t-shirt for Easter.

He also broke his arm....AGAIN!!!

He's such a little trouper through it all.

"Doesn't EVERYONE get to have a cool red cast?!"

He's our little "Super Hero"!

Here he is wearing the hat that Oppa (Grandpa) gave him.
He's getting ready to visit Humboldt County in style!

In December, I got to fly to Las Vegas to my sister's and spend Christmas with my parents.

It had been since before I was married that I got to spend a Christmas with them.

Here's a picture of me before losing 40 lbs.

Hopefully it won't be 6 months before I blog again!!!

Chirp, Chirp,


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  1. You sound like me. I just posted on my blog since January. Love the car, too cute. Your grandson is adorable and oh boy does he look like his dad and I think Aunt!!!! Can not deny being yours!!!!
    Sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer is going rampid here too! Lost a good friend myself to it in April.
    Way to go on the weight, I too am loosing. Thank goodness.
    Take care, my friend